Playdale complete largest play area yet!

When tasked with giving 36-acre Wallace Park a new lease of life, Lisburn City Council knew a flagship play area would promise just that.

Alan Poots, Capital Projects Officer at the council, explained the old play area had become run down and dilapidated. He said, “We wanted a play area with sufficient ‘wow’ factor, this was a key part of our strategy for increasing visitor numbers and regenerating the park.”

What followed was the creation of Playdale’s most impressive play area yet; featuring a challenging eight-metre mountain tower, double aerial runway, megaswing and many other exciting play items guaranteed to impress even the most adventurous children.

Poots says, “We chose Playdale as we wanted a company we could work with to fine tune our initial designs.” It was also important that the equipment blended in with the natural surroundings and Playdale’s attractive timber range fulfilled the specification perfectly.

The completed play area, won by Playdale through competitive tender, cost £420,000 and showcases the company’s extensive product portfolio, with products from their timber range sat alongside a multi use games area and the dynamic unit.

Attracting more than 250 visitors daily, Poots describes the play area as “saturated with children”, with visitors parking up to half a mile away to use the popular free facility. He says, “They have been given a facility they’ve never had before – exciting play”.

The new play area is likely to have a positive impact on the council’s plans for Wallace Park as a whole too, with people already enquiring about other business opportunities within the park.

Poots concludes, “We could tell when it was taking shape that the play area was really going to be something. It’s a great success, absolutely – there’s no question about that.”

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