Playdale offer new elements to create natural play area designs

For 30 years Playdale have been the industry leader in creating and providing ‘natural play areas’. Playdale have now further developed their natural play range to include not only their industry leading laminated timber play equipment but also now offer a variety of different elements such as boulders, mounds and a selection of plants.

To enhance the product range, landscaping a play area to include mounds and tunnels is becoming a regular feature on a well designed play area. Playdale recently designed a play area for Watford Borough Council which included a mound and a tunnel as a central feature. Using natural elements not only helps a play area blend in with its natural surroundings but also adds play value. Speaking recently to the Watford Observer, the Mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill said “We know how important children’s play areas are to the town, and we have worked alongside the residents association and local schools to deliver this lovely new playground”.

Playdale’s Sales Director, Barry Leahey comments, “Playdale have historically tried to provide safe and stimulating play areas rather than boring steel square spaces, now the industry has given the green light to provide more ‘natural play area’s’ it is great to be seen as the time served experts!”

To utilise Playdale’s experience in designing successful play spaces call today on 015395 39770 to book an appointment with an Area Manager.

Visit our Natural Play page for more information.


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