Playdale Playgrounds’ Festive Football Tournament

Friday, 18th December 2015 4:57 pm

Last night saw Playdale Playground’s inaugural Festive Football Tournament involving Playdale staff from across the UK. Our thirteen area managers were at Head Office so it was the perfect opportunity for some team building; with a bit of healthy competition thrown in too!

It was a mild and dry evening in South Cumbria so the conditions were perfect. Six teams were formed in preparation for the event with names including  Absolute Schemers and the Northern Monkeys.

Play began and within seconds the competitive natures were out in force.

The first round of matches saw the Super Six take on the Absolute Schemers, which the Schemers won 4-1 and Sales South v Gus & the Gussets, with Gus & Co winning 3-0. Unbelievable Techers took the field next, beating The Schemers 3-0 & Northern Monkeys ran out 2-0 winners versus Gus & Co.

The final round of group matches saw Techers & Monkeys winning their games putting them both into the final.

Before the final Absolute Schemers & Gus & Co took to the field for the 3rd place playoff, which Gus’ men won 3-0…and so to the final.

The cheerleaders were still going strong on the sidelines and there was some fantastic encouragement and support from the crowd.

Could the youthful Unbelievable Techers match the experienced Northern Monkeys? Eventually after a tightly contested match Techers won out scoring 3 late goals as the monkeys ran out of steam. Which meant that Unbelievable Techers became Playdale’s first Festive Footy Champions.

Following the tournament we managed to have a chat with a few players.  John Brown from the Unbelievable Techers told us “We dominated the group round but eased off at the end to save ourselves for the final”. Looks like their tactic paid off.

Stephanie Hermann – a Super Sixer – told us that “Super Six had a great team spirit with enthusiasm throughout the tournament”.

One of our referees Ieuan said it was a “Brilliant event and really great to get everyone together in this way”

Playdale’s Chairman John Croasdale awarded prizes to the winning team and then it was off to the pub for everyone to enjoy some well-earned refreshments together!