Playground climbing walls – bringing the rock face to your playground

Climbing is one of those exhilarating activities that not only has physical benefits but gives a huge sense of achievement when you reach the top. Climbing not only hones spatial awareness, fine motor skills, balance and gross motor skills it also develops concentration, encourages goal setting and brings major satisfaction.  Children instinctively like to climb because they want to be able to see the world around them more easily.  Playground climbing walls and climbing frames allow children to develop climbing skills safely and with little adult supervision.

Climbing walls

Climbing walls were initially used by climbers who wanted to practise their skills in the evenings after work.  These days climbing walls are used by anyone who is interested in challenging themselves and have become a popular recreational activity. Large, free standing climbing walls even make an appearance at rural events allowing people to challenge themselves and show their climbing skills. A climbing wall is exactly as described, a wall that has been designed to look like a rock face by using a combination of footholds, ledges and holes to create different graded climbing routes. Climbing walls vary in size and the types of materials they are constructed from. The overall goal is to scale the artificial rock face and abseil down using rope attached to special hooks.

Getting to grips with playground climbing walls

Some playground climbing walls are different to traditional climbing walls because they involve traversing across the panels as opposed to climbing up to the top of the wall. A surprising amount of effort and dexterity is required to hold on to the little holes and ropes while balancing precariously on small foot holds. Having to make such small movements using the whole body is very good for agility and balance. Playdale’s playground climbing walls come either in the form of traversing panels connected together to form a variety of different grips and footholds or as an upright climbing feature on our modular multi play climbing units.

Different combinations

Playdale’s traversing climbing walls are available in seven different formats; the Ledge comes with  two or three faces. The other five are named after famous mountains and offer a variety of different challenges; Skiddaw, Scafell Pike, Helvellyn, Snowdon and Ben Nevis. The number of panels vary from two to four enabling even the smallest playgrounds to have a climbing wall installed.  These playground climbing walls are made either from  timber and green CGL (compact grade laminate) panels or stainless steel and purple CGL panels.

Playdale’s upright climbing walls come in a variety of heights and are a feature on many of their modular multi play climbing units including the Little Hamlets Plus, Jukebox Plus, Little City and Big City ranges.

If you are interested in installing a climbing wall in your playground please contact us and we will be able to discuss your options.

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