Boulders, Tree Trunks and Mounds


6 - 12 years
  • Product Features
By using natural elements to enhance a playground you are not only helping it to blend
  • Our natural play equipment boulders are Caledonian Mixed Glacial Boulders which are smooth and rounded with no sharp edges. Available in five sizes, all options are low level (under 1m in height) and are suitable for seating and clambering in any play area.
  • Our natural play softwood tree trunks are trimmed and prepared for use in a public area with branches cut back to leave a rustic and relatively smooth finish. The species have been specifically chosen to give approximately 5-10 years life without significant deterioration.Tree trunks are offered in 3 different sizes and are all low level, suitable for seating and clambering in any play area.
  • Natural play mounding is an ideal way to disperse any spoil generated in your play area and creates an interesting and challenging landscape. Dispersing spoil in this way also reduces any environmental impact of removing spoil to a waste management site. and creates natural play equipment for children.
  • We can also create natural play mounds with our play equipment tunnels running through them which offers additional play value by creating a sense of adventure and exploration. Our tunnels are made of polyethelyne (PE), are non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, they are also tested to BSEN 1176. Six different configurations. For more details and to download technical information for our tunnels, click here.
  • Play Value
  • Educational
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Teaches children about nature
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