8 - 14 years
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The Congo will challenge and test children's climbing skills. They will imagine they are climbing real trees and swinging on vines through the jungle on this fantastic unit.
  • Laminated Timber Poles
  • Timber and steel cored rope ladder
  • Various rope nets
  • Play Value
  • Develops physical skills
  • Improves motor skills
  • Tests agility
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Learn to play with others
  • Improves climbing skills
  • Laminated Timber Poles – Steel Ground Fixed
    Covered by a 20 year guarantee

    Steel Ground Fixings
    Covered by a 20 year guarantee

    Sawn Timber
    Covered by a 15 year guarantee

    Covered by a 10 year guarantee

    Plastic Components
    Covered by a 5 year guarantee

    Rope Nets
    Covered by a 2 year guarantee

    Rope Assemblies
    Covered by a 2 year guarantee

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