Embankment Scramble Net


6 - 12 years
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A climbing unit for the agile 6 - 12 year old, also helps balance and coordination.
  • Angled net available in two sizes (2.8m wide and 1.95m wide)
  • Designed to fit an embankment of a 20 - 35 degree angle (see technical infomation for guidelines)
  • We would always recommend the use of a synthetic surface underneath the net for ease of maintenance
  • Constructed from laminated timber and steel cored rope
  • Play Value
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Tests climbing skills
  • Tests agility
  • Steel Ground Fixings
    Covered by a 20 year guarantee

    Covered by a 10 year guarantee

    Plastic Components
    Covered by a 5 year guarantee

    Laminated Timber Poles
    Covered by a 5 year guarantee

    Rope Nets
    Covered by a 2 year guarantee

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