Timber Toddler Swing


18 months - 3 years
  • Product Features
  • Material & Guarantees
A great playground filler that younger children will love as they experience the thrills of swinging.
  • Timber Uprights
  • Stainless Steel Chains
  • Galvanised Steel Top Pole
  • Cradle Swing Seat
  • Anti-Wrap Bearings and Swivel Joints available at an extra cost
  • Play Value
  • Experience speed & movement
  • Social interaction
  • Learn to assess risk
  • Develops coordination and balance
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Laminated Timber Poles – Steel Ground Fixed
    Covered by a 20 year guarantee

    Steel Ground Fixings
    Covered by a 20 year guarantee

    Galvanised Steel Frames
    Covered by a 15 year guarantee

    Covered by a 10 year guarantee

    Covered by a 3 year guarantee

    Covered by a 2 year guarantee

    Swing Seats
    Covered by a 2 year guarantee

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