Popular School Playground Equipment

School playground equipment is very versatile and provides a multitude of learning opportunities which include; physical play, role play, imaginative play, musical play and natural play.  School playground equipment can be used by teachers to demonstrate scientific processes, music, storytelling, drama and role play.  The introduction of Forest days in schools has meant that children spend regular lessons outside where there are lots of learning opportunities.  Here is a selection of some of our most popular school playground equipment.

Timber Adventure Trail
A timber adventure trail can fit into any size playground due to the many combinations available.  Children can exercise all of the different parts of their body as well as improving balance.  Timber adventure trails are very exciting pieces of school playground equipment as children can incorporate them into their imaginative playtime games.  Teachers and classroom assistants can use timber trails to support children who need to improve their balancing skills.  Children feel a great sense of achievement when they complete a timber adventure trail.

Story Telling Chair
Story telling has entertained us since humans have been able to communicate and words of wisdom were shared around camp fires under the stars.  Before electrical gadgets and of course television one of the only sources of entertainment was story telling.  Story telling is much more than, ‘spinning a good yarn’, it also teaches sequencing, foresight, develops imagination and can help solve maths problems.  A story telling chair is a beautiful piece of school playground equipment that can be used by teachers within the curriculum, children and visiting authors.  Children can sit in the chair at playtime and tell stories or just pretend that they are a monarch on a throne.

Sand And Water Play
If ever there was a favourite piece of popular school playground equipment it has to be the sand and water play equipment. Children of all ages enjoy the creative and therapeutic qualities of sand and some schools have to enforce a sandpit rota so that all children have the opportunity to play in the sand.  Teachers can use the sandpit to carry out fascinating science experiments such as predicting what the best sand to water ratio is for building sandcastles.  Water play tends to be restricted to supervised play, during nursery and reception activity sessions, otherwise children would end up soaking wet after playtime.  Water play allows children to explore the concept of floating and sinking and how water wheels work.

Other School Playground Equipment
Musical playground equipment is great for outdoor music lessons or budding musicians that just like to play a tune in between chasing their friends.  Environmental play equipment provides the perfect opportunity for children to observe the life cycle of plants and watch their seedlings grow every time they go out to play.  Games tables are perfect for children who want to play quietly with their closest friends, not only do they learn to take turns they also learn how to lose gracefully and win humbly.

As you can see we are bursting at the seams with school playground equipment, so if you would like to discuss our complete range, please contact us here.

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