Teenage Shelters

Teenage Shelters

Unique teenage shelters

Encounter provides the missing link between the child that needs conventional play equipment to young teenagers who don’t want to be seen as ‘playing’ but need a facility where they can socialise with their contemporaries.

A place to socialise

Teenage shelters give teenagers a safe and comfortable place to meet their friends. Teenagers can enjoy the benefits of comfortable seating and shelter in a location specifically chosen to provide safe contact with friends. Teenage shelters positioned near where sporting activities take place are particularly popular.

Teenage shelters in schools

Providing young people with a sheltered place to meet at school is allows them to explore their own ideas and friendships in a safe environment.
Shelters to suit all. Our teenage shelters and seating are available in many different combinations and sizes. If all you require is seating we have a variety of styles you can choose from.

Shelter youth from the elements, and provide a safe, eye catching area for them to socialise safely.

Teenage shelters perfect for teenagers to hang out.

Teenage Shelters

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