Unlock the secrets of a Storytelling Chair

Monday, 7th March 2016 9:38 am

We may live in a world swamped by technology, but children still simply relish the idea of gathering around a Storytelling Chair and listening to magical tales. Storytelling is the most resilient form of communication that the world has ever known. Before writing and the printing press, stories survived by being passed from generation to generation, each adding their own little bit of magic in the retelling. Stories become plays, films and computer games. The rush of special effects can only captivate children for a limited time because the most important element of storytelling is the interaction between storyteller and child.

The magic of storytelling

Storytelling generally involves one person surrounded by others either around a storytelling chair, campfire or just huddled together. Stories told in this way are captivating and engage the listeners, who are transported into a new dimension. Storytelling involves drama, expression, performance, imagination and the passing on of knowledge and experience. Children can be encouraged to predict what they think may happen next and the storyteller can adapt the story to suit the capabilities and interests of the audience.


Everyone can tell stories

After listening to stories being told in this way children become storytellers too and begin to narrate the games they play and plan how the game will progress. There is nothing more fascinating than watching a child totally captivated by their own imagination. Children who like to re-enact their experiences will make their own storytelling chair and surround themselves with teddies who will be enthralled by the stories they are being told.

A storytelling chair in the playground

Schools are always keen to encourage children to tell stories as this not only develops communication skills, imagination and an understanding of story structure, it also encourages children to listen. Telling stories rather than writing them allows children who find writing challenging, to let their ideas flow. A storytelling chair in the playground provides the perfect opportunity for children to tell stories during playtimes.

Stories across the generations

Just having a storytelling chair in a cosy corner of the playground, surrounded by benches or toadstool seats, sets the scene for magical adventures. A storytelling corner is the perfect place for visiting storytellers to share their tales. Schools could organise storytelling afternoons, where different generations of people take it in turns to tell short stories in the storytelling chair.

If you are interested in purchasing a storytelling chair for your playground, contact us here and we will help you choose the best location to install it.