Frontiers: stainless steel multi-play

Designed for children aged 5 to teens, Frontiers breaks from the traditional play providing a new transparent play experience that is out of this world!

These three unique units (Nucleus, Origin and Horizon) are packed full of play value, new materials and new features.

With dome climbers, suspended webs, swivel traverses, tactile chutes and space scrambles, children can rise above the cosmos, encouraging risk-taking and social interaction through free play.

The overall flow of the units means there are endless play opportunities. Children can have a fun-filled day of play spinning, swinging, climbing and sliding or just hang out and chill with friends!

The dynamic, curved shaping throughout the units, as well as new colour combinations, will give the WOW factor to any urban or rural environment and give limited spaces maximum play value!

Frontiers’ paint-free structural stainless-steel frame has a 25-year guarantee and requires minimal maintenance.

Take a closer look at the Frontiers range here! 


The universe is your playground!



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