The Benefits of Educational Play

Schools are, first and foremost, places of learning. A child’s education needs to be broad and far-reaching, and, ideally, schooling will be something that they enjoy. As their minds discover new knowledge and apply it to the world around them, it will lead to them wanting to know more. In order to pick up the habit of learning, children need to find fun in what they are doing. 

So if education can be fun, what can’t play be educational? This blurred line between the two is very important to us at Playdale, and we have a range of Educational Play products to help to bring the classroom outside, and to inspire young minds.


A Holistic Learning Environment

While arts subjects such as music and drama lend themselves perfectly to playing outside, you can also lead your children towards more traditionally academic subjects; explore physics with sand and water play , or biology in an environmental planter. Practical subjects such as technology can be aided with play panels, and of course the physical education benefits are obvious. Studies in the classroom can be put into practice outside, and vice versa. Bring their learning outside!

Learn While Having Fun

Most importantly, play time should be fun. Children should be hugely interested in what they’re doing, have the freedom to create and improvise, and to interact with others in a way that makes them feel like themselves. Educational playground equipment can give a focus to this, encouraging children to channel their energy into constructive and meaningful things. There is no reason why learning shouldn’t be enjoyable. Even kids who feel less at home in an academic environment can approach education with new eyes in the playground. 

Enhance Skills

Quite aside from the more formal educational benefits, outdoor playground equipment also gives children a chance to practice and learn less formally. Group play, cooperation and turn-taking are all vital components in successful play, and in later life. In making the most of the equipment, children naturally learn how best to play together and to get along more effectively. It also gives them a chance to think about things in other contexts, and to be less specialised and rigid in their learning.

A Huge Variety

From mud kitchens and musical play, to outdoor classrooms and stages, there are an enormous amount of options to satisfy projects both big and small. Whatever the size and scale of your playspace, there is room to incorporate some elements of educational play. Playdale is an expert here, and can advise which of our products would be the best use of the space you have, and we can supply all manner of materials for your children to have fun while learning. You can fire young imaginations in all kinds of ways.

We believe education should be fun, and there are many ways to approach this. 

If you’re thinking about introducing some educational elements into your playground why not download a copy of our our virtual ‘Playground Inspiration for Schools and Nurseries’ catalogue below for inspiration. 

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