Stainless Steel Playground Equipment

Wednesday, 14th July 2021 4:18 pm

While at Playdale we manufacture a huge range of playground equipment, made from a huge range of materials, we think stainless steel is about as good as it gets. Very little play equipment, no matter what it is built from, can provide you with the years of hassle-free service that stainless steel provides.

The material has many benefits. It is strong and hard-wearing, will not rust or tarnish, and will last for a very long time. You can keep your playground just as good as it was when it was built, and be sure of its ability to stand up to punishment. For even the toughest and best-used play environments, this material is the perfect choice 

Adventure Trails

Our Stainless Steel Adventure Trails bring all of the amazing possibilities of our adventure trail series and make them even more lightweight and durable. These are perfect for playgrounds where a slightly smaller footprint is needed, or for where timber simply isn’t a practical option.

Multi-Play Towers

Our Big City Plus Play Towers & Frontiers range use stainless steel as a base to build on, with flourishes of colour and texture to fire children’s imaginations. Far from austere, these towers simply use stainless steel to provide a backbone for the equipment, making sure all the children’s play opportunities stand the test of time. Again, these designs are scalable for your plot and budget.

Based on a similar concept, our Little City Play Towers bring all the fun of our larger play towers to younger children. Again based on a stainless steel core, these towers bring together lots of incredible play elements to help young minds and bodies grow. From the petite Winnipeg to the gigantic Rio, there is something to fit every space.

City Movers

Our City Movers range consists of pieces that include the following verbs in their name; glide, ride, swing, rock, tilt, whirl, spin and these exciting adverbs; vortex, gravity and stratosphere. As you can imagine the thrill children will get from playing on these pieces of equipment would be highly enviable. They are all dynamic, adrenaline pumping pieces for the more adventurous 10-16 age group.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Play in childhood is known to be hugely important to development and wellbeing, and the same is also true for adults. Setting aside some valuable time to let off some steam outdoors has a whole array of benefits. We also have equipment made specifically for adult fitness, such as our Training Buddies and Street Workout series. These robust stainless steel frames will last for a long time even under heavy use, will resist weather and be extremely vandal-resistant. The perfect thing for a growing trend. 

While stainless steel playground equipment is only one string to our bow, we at Playdale love this versatile material, and its endless variety of use. All of our equipment is compliant with European Safety Standard BSEN1176 , and all materials have met stringent quality standards, so you can be sure of all Playdale equipment lasting well beyond its installation. Fill in our enquiry form below, or get in touch to see if we can help you build your perfect playground.