The Evolution Of Playground Climbing Frames

The instinct to climb is with us from a very early age.  Young children scale the settee so that they can see the room from a different perspective.  Playground climbing frames have evolved over time, from simple ladders to beautifully designed structures that fulfil the needs of even the most adventurous climber.  As with all aspects of play, climbing has a dual role in our children’s development.  Benefits from climbing are not just restricted to being able to reach the biscuit tin, children also improve their balance, coordination, motor skills and increase their fitness levels.

The First Playground Climbing Frames

As with most inventions of this type, the person credited with inventing playground climbing frames tends to be whoever patents the idea first.  Research indicates that the first playground climbing frames originated in Germany during the late nineteenth century.  However Chicago Lawyer, Sebastian Hinton, patented the concept of the playground climbing frame or jungle gym in 1920 (Wikipedia). The main purpose of the playground climbing frame has always been to develop children’s physical mobility, develop spatial skills, solve problems and in the case of Hinton’s father, develop an understanding of three dimensional shapes.

Different Types Of Playground Climbing Frame

Playground climbing frames can be designed with many different activities in mind.  Initially the antics of monkeys seemed to be the inspiration behind many designs so children were encouraged to use the monkey bars and swing a lot.  As more has been learnt about the importance of play, playground climbing frames have become works of art.  Beautifully crafted climbing frames incorporate climbing walls, slides, netting and obstacle courses.  Super safe playground surfacing allows children to take risk without the fear of hurting themselves too much when they fall.  Playground climbing frames can be crafted out of wood, stainless steel or a combination of both.

Adventure Frames

Adventure frames are made from a series of modules including; Swinging Steps, Burma Bridge, Chain Walk and Balance Beam.  Children are able to practise climbing at low levels, develop balance and coordination skills.  It takes quite a lot of dexterity for children to complete the course so they will feel extremely proud of themselves when they have finished it.  This type of playground climbing frame is popular in both schools and community playgrounds.


The Playframe is similar to the Adventure Frame in that it has different types of activities to climb on.  However the Playframe is more like conventional playground climbing frames because it allows children to climb up high by using either a ladder, wooden bars or climbing net.  Children can then stretch their bodies and challenge themselves to see how high they can climb.

Climbers and Scramblers

Our vast range of playground climbing frames allow children to climb or scramble their way around the playground.  Whether you choose to challenge yourself on the Twister, which is a climbing frame that is slightly twisted, or on the Diamond which is a symmetrical rope climbing frame which allows you to test your wits at either a high or low level.

Getting In The Swing

There is nothing like Swing Bars to help you to develop your upper body strength.  These playground climbing frames come in three levels so that everyone in the playground can have a go at swinging to their heart’s content.

If you are interested in any of the playground climbing frames we have mentioned in this article please feel free to contact us and we will be very happy to help.

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