The Importance of Staying Active

At Playdale, we take our inspiration from all kinds of play. As adults, whether taking aerobic exercise or practicing a team sport, maintaining a level of fitness is hugely important to health and general wellbeing.

However it doesn’t all have to be so serious! As we grow older, we tend to categorise play as childish and irrelevant, and replace it with competitive sport and focused gym work. While these definitely have their place, it’s important to remember to enjoy yourself, and that not everything has to be so grown-up and so codified. Keeping a sense of fun in your exercise is crucial. It’ll make the whole scenario better, and ultimately make you want to do it more often. 

There are of course some undeniable benefits involved – 

Relieve Stress

Exercise is a healthy way to relieve stress, and a proven way to unwind after a long day. Moreover, regular exercise can help to increase energy levels, giving you more reserves to handle what life throws at you. Not only does exercise itself release stressful feelings, but it allows for time in the fresh air, and for socialising through team sports and group workouts. As well as improving body strength, fitness and flexibility Playdales Street Workout Calisthenics range encourage socialising, especially for teenagers and young adults.

Improve Health

The health benefits of cardiovascular exercise are well known. Exercise can help to keep weight off, improve heart health, and can even improve the control of chronic diseases such as diabetes and fatigue. One of our goals at Playdale is to make exercise and play accessible to all. Regardless of age, health, and economic circumstance, any time spent active will help your general health. Our outdoor gym range is designed to make exercise equipment that bit more accessible, and to make exercise an easy and enjoyable activity.

Staying Positive

While relieving stress is one thing, we also believe that spending time active and outdoors can help your outlook on life. Certainly as opportunities to go outside now become safer and more frequent, we hope that more people will rekindle a love of activity, and improve their mental as well as their physical health. Exercise releases endorphins which have a positive effect on your mood, and can also help you rest more effectively.

Keeping a Sense of Play

As adults we are told that we are to put aside childish things, and take things seriously. Whilst we all have our responsibilities, and serious things going on in our lives, it is also important not to lose the sense of play. Sport can of course be competitive, and this can enrich our lives in many ways. However it is important not to forget the simple joy of being outside and simply enjoying movement and time to ourselves. At Playdale we see this as a crucial part of everything we do, for children and adults alike.

It’s important to remember that outdoor fitness is supposed to be fun. Get out, move more and enjoy the fresh air, and it’s easy to make it part of your life. 

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