Our Newest Playground Favourite Is Here!

Our newest playground favourite is here!

A simple design made of durable and natural materials, the NEW Timber Seesaw is the perfect thing for energetic and cooperative play!

The perfect metaphor for cooperation on the playground, Our Timber Seesaw is the ideal thing for two children to play on together. Using all their energy, balance and teamwork abilities, children can have the time of their lives on this simple and instantly recognisable classic. Encouraging both social and motor skills is the remit for any playground, and a seesaw is the perfect distillation of it!

The English word “seesaw” is taken directly from the French “ci-ça”, meaning “this-that”, a fantastic description of the motion of a seesaw. This design is built of natural timber, providing a long life, comfortable use for all ages. The product even comes with a fantastic 20 year guarantee, which speaks both to the durability of real timber, and the quality of Playdale construction. Made of heavy-duty materials, your children can play on it for hours and will be coming back for many years to come.

Perfect for all types of playground, the Timber Seesaw always justifies its place, adding enormous play value to any space. Whatever innovations playground designers come up with, some things never get old. Knowing this, Playdale have introduced this timeless classic that all children recognise and love.

Find out more about our Timber Seesaw and other playground favourites here or contact us using the below form to speak to a member of our Sales Team.



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