The wonderful playgrounds in Oz

Our distribution partner in Australia, has recently installed Playdale play equipment at some fabulous parks and playgrounds in Queensland.

Guyatt Park in St Lucia is located in beautiful surroundings next to the Brisbane River. A popular place for families to visit and people to walk and picnic in, the playground there is one of the many attractions. It mainly catered for toddlers and younger children so the park’s requirement was for some new dynamic, modern junior play items.

A superb older children’s play area was designed, incorporating our contemporary and hugely popular Air Rider where strength, balance, coordination and agility are all tested and challenged. Children will love air surfing on this exciting Mover.


A City Spinner, also from our Movers range was also included in the design. Children love the fast-paced spinning action of this product, as they try to go as fast as they can. Another highly durable stainless steel product, children won’t want to stop spinning.

Interesting fact – studies have shown that any spinning movement helps brain development in children!

There’s now something for everyone at Guyatt Park.


Rob Akers Park is located in a small residential area in Moreton Bay. The local council were looking to include a few select pieces of play equipment to provide on the doorstep fun for children living nearby.

Our Hong Kong toddler multi play unit from our Little City range is the first Australian installation of a unit from this durable stainless steel range.


Older local children can also join in and have fun on the Quad Rider which requires four way coordination and team work for springing and bouncing action. The Vortex is a great spinning addition, again for older children, which offers thrill and excitement and requires balance and good teamwork.

The native trees make a great natural backdrop to the play area and there is also a path to the local sports club making it a safe, fun and accessible play area for many local children.

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