How To Transform Your School Playground Equipment Into Santa’s Workshop

Monday, 18th December 2017 3:58 pm

School playground equipment can provide the perfect antidote for festive distractions. With a little bit of imagination and reindeer dust you can transform your playground equipment into Santa’s workshop.

Christmas time in schools is a chaotic mixture of naughty and nice. Rehearsals for the Nativity play are in full flow and children can hardly contain their excitement. The last few weeks of the Autumn term involve psyching children up for the big performance and calming them down in the classroom.

Your early years outdoor play area has the potential to make every young child’s dreams come true. Here are some suggestions in how you can bring Christmas magic to your playground.

Mud Kitchen Treats

We all know that mud kitchens have the potential to be science labs, maths areas and cafes but they can also be transformed into Santa’s kitchen with a simple click of the fingers. Decorate your mud kitchen with tinsel and other little trinkets to make the best triple dirt mud pie ever made.

In the classroom explain that the school playground equipment has been transformed into Santa’s workshop. The mud kitchen has now become Santa’s kitchen where all sorts of amazing goodies are made. Discuss favourite cakes, biscuits and sweets and set the challenge of making amazing treats using different types of dirt in the mud kitchen.

While the children are making their delicacies ask them to explain what they are making, how they made it and what it will taste like. This is a brilliant way to develop speaking and listening skills without the children even realising it.

Take plenty of photographs so that the children can reflect on their culinary skills and contribute to the class Christmas display. Children will have to dress up warm due to the cold weather making everywhere feel like the North Pole.

Musical Playground Equipment Carols

We all enjoy singing heartily to our favourite Christmas carols and children are no exception. There is nothing more uplifting than children blasting out Jingle Bells while playing percussion instruments. Musical school playground equipment provides the perfect opportunity for children to cast off the need to sing sedately and enjoy performing their favourite carol.

You can experiment with a variety of songs and revel on the emphasis in each one. The Twelve Days of Christmas is particularly dramatic when you get to the, ‘Five Gold Rings’, part. Practice singing the song in different genres such as; rock, lullaby, pop and whatever ideas the children have.

After the lesson, you can guarantee that the children will gather around the musical school playground equipment and perform a rendition of the carols they have just learnt. The rest of the children in school can join in forming an impromptu flash mob in the playground.

Trim Trail Conveyor Belt

Santa would never manage to deliver the present to all of the children in the world without a proper packing system. A conveyor belt is essentially a way of transporting presents so that they get to the sack quickly.

Obviously, a trim trail cannot be transformed into real conveyor belt but the children can pretend to be the belt and pass parcels to each other until they reach the sack. The activity could involve the children split into teams and timed to see which team is the quickest at passing the parcel.

Obviously, if the children dressed as elves and the school playground equipment was decorated with sparkly things the activity would be even more fun.

School Playground Equipment

As you can see with a little bit of imagination and Christmas spirit you can transform your school playground equipment into a winter wonderland. Make sure that it is not slippery and that the children are wrapped up warm so that everyone can enjoy learning through Christmas cheer.

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