How an embankment tube slide optimises the space in your playground

As the population of towns and cities increases and more land is used to accommodate housing, it is important that children’s play provision is not neglected.  We are already seeing an increase in childhood obesity which is reinforced by unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles and not being able to have the freedom to wander like generations before them.

Restricted playground space

Playground committees and community groups have to plan their playgrounds within the area they have available.  While some playgrounds are large flat spaces others can be small and enclosed by embankments.  Playground equipment such as an Embankment Tube Slide will allow you to incorporate the landscape into your playground design.  As long as your embankments are at the required angle and there is the required space at the bottom of the tube slide for children to land safely, you will be able to increase the overall play area of your playground.

Embankment tube slide requirements

In order to be able to install an embankment tube slide the embankment must be sloped at an angle of 35 degrees and be settled so that there is no danger of the mound subsiding. As well as an embankment tube slide there are other pieces of embankment equipment available including a; scramble net, wide slide, rope ramp, plastic and stainless steel tube slide and steps.

Planning your playground

Our planning and design process means that every single customer will have the benefit of the knowledge and expertise of our area managers and talented graphic designers who will be able to give you an artist’s impression of what your new playground will look like.  Our area managers will be able to tell you if an embankment tube slide is appropriate for your playground and explain how the different pieces of equipment could fit onto your site.

Playground funding

Often the hardest part of installing a new playground is raising the funds necessary to pay for the playground equipment. Playdale have produced a Funding Guide and Workbook that provides valuable information on setting up a plan, budgeting, applying for grants and a list of national and regional funders. Raising money for your playground is so much easier if you have clear goals of what you would like to achieve.

If you would like to find out more about embankment tube slides, playground planning or playground funding please contact us.

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