Why Inclusive Play Equipment Is Really Hard To Spot

Inclusive playground equipment caters for children with many different needs. Disability has long been associated with physical conditions. It is only recently that hidden disability has been recognised. There are a number of types of disabilities that are now recognised including; physical, sensory, multiple disabilities, chronic health impairment, social/emotional, communication and cognitive. Inclusive play equipment is specially designed to allow all children to enjoy playing together. Children who play on inclusive play equipment are not aware that it has been specially designed for children who have different needs because it looks exactly the same as conventional equipment.

Sensory Processing

We discover the world through our five senses; touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. Most of us can cope with the bombardment of information while others find it overwhelming. The ‘naughty child’, having a melt down in the supermarket is probably finding processing the sounds, noises and people very difficult. Children can either be highly sensitive or not sensitive enough. The former find busy situations overwhelming while the latter fidget in an attempt to satisfy their sensory receptors. Swinging, rocking and spinning can help to settle children because it stimulates the inner ear, which processes all of the information.

Cognitive Development

Inclusive playground equipment is designed to help children practice their cognitive skills. Cognitive development is related to processing information and how we carry out everyday tasks. When a child is cognitively impaired their body works perfectly but their brain can’t always tell them how to use it to complete tasks. Cognitive impairment can be likened to an orchestra without a conductor. Children learn how to complete tasks through repetition and lots of practice. Inclusive play equipment has panels with mazes, pinball games, mirrors and chalkboards. Inclusively designed play towers allow children to reach dizzy heights using simple accessible routes.

Physical Disability

Children who are affected by physical disabilities no longer have to sit and watch their friends play. Inclusive playground equipment like the team swing means that all children can pile on and have a fantastic time. Even children with limited mobility can enjoy enjoy climbing up a play tower and sliding down due to inclusive access. Swings, slides and roundabouts are also inclusively designed so that playgrounds truly are accessible to all.

Playdale Inclusive Play Equipment

There isn’t a separate section for inclusive play equipment because it is no different from standard playground equipment. In each category you will see a green sticker next to the equipment that has a picture of a wheelchair with the words, ‘Inclusive Design’. Inclusive play equipment includes; Timber Team Swing, Inclusive Orbit, Embankment Wide Slide, Melbourne Plus and the Gravity Rider. Installing inclusive play equipment is likely to make a play area very popular and visited by many families.

If you are interested in installing inclusive play equipment please contact us for more information.

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