Why Preschool Playground Equipment Is Magic

Imagine waking up excited about the magic day you are going to have. That’s exactly what it is like for preschool children. Preschool playground equipment provides many opportunities for magical play. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing the world through the eyes of a toddler. Every stick, feather or stone is a piece of treasure and natural phenomena like cloud formations become mystical creatures. A walk to the local playground develops both social and imaginative skills. Preschool playground equipment is designed to suit little hands and short legs so every toddler can enjoy playing like the bigger children.


Developing a child’s imagination is the greatest gift we can give them. Imagination allows us to be creative, think of new ideas and of course have lots of fun. Preschool playground equipment not only provides the opportunity for children to participate in role play it also encourages problem-solving. If a child can picture ideas and thoughts in their head they can tell stories, understand what numbers are, make decisions and anticipate what they will be doing in the future. These are the skills we need in everyday life to be able to function socially and make important decisions. Inventors have amazing imaginations which have led to technological medical and engineering achievements.

Physical Development

Young children love to climb, maybe because their bodies have to keep moving or beacause there is a desire to see the world from a different perspective. When a child stands at the top of preschool playground equipment they feel on top of the world. Walls and hedges no longer block the horizon and like explorers in the past, the map of their universe has just increased in size. Climbing strengthens all of the muscles in the body and helps to develop fine motor skills. Swinging, spinning and rocking stimulate vestibular stimulation which helps control balance and spatial awareness.

Role Play

We are often told that, ‘life is not a rehearsal’, and that we have to embrace every opportunity that comes our way. The first five years of a child’s life is actually the greatest preparation they have for the future. Children learn about social interaction, jobs other people do and how the world around them works through play. Role play is actually the rehearsal children are lucky to have. Teachers and parents have the important job of setting a good example and showing children how everyday life is conducted. Children practise what they have learnt while playing on preschool playground equipment. Children act out the life they live and there is nothing sweeter than a child repeating the phrases their parents use.

Preschool Playground Equipment

Preschool playground equipment suits both community and educational environments. Playdale has a wide range of exciting pieces of equipment including; Little Hamlets Plus, Little City Plus, Little Explorers, Playground Springers, Early Years Playground Role Play, Caterpillar and Role Play Tunnels. All are designed with learning in mind and are proportioned especially for young children.

If you would like to bring magic to your playground with preschool playground equipment, please contact us here and we will be happy to discuss your options.

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