Why Toddlers Love Playground Springers

Once toddlers have overcome the initial fear of actually sitting on playground springers and start rocking, their brains and bodies will go through amazing developmental processes.  Instantly they will be riding a horse, a dragon, a car or an elephant and their imagination will run wild.  As they get older and stronger they will rock faster and faster.  Every time a toddler rides on playground springers they are improving their muscle strength and spatial awareness.

Building Muscle Strength

The wobbly nature of playground springers means that a child has to rely on their own muscle strength to stay on.  Children have to be able to grip the handles sufficiently to be able to rock and hold on tight.  The rest of their bodies are used to balance and create the force necessary to pull the springer into action. Pulling the handles to create the rocking action strengthens the core muscles in the body.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Playground springers help children to improve their fine motor skills by strengthening grip and arm muscles.  Strengthening the core muscles and the neck muscles enable children to be able to sit up straight and manoeuvre a pencil as they learn to write.

Playground Springers Improve Balance

Believe it or not, when a toddler is rocking in a frenzy they are actually stimulating their inner ear through a process called vestibular stimulation.  Information about the world around them is processed by the vestibular in the inner ear.  

Sleep Or Play

If a toddler is grumpy tired and still compliant, riding on playground springers will help their brains decide if they want to play or fall asleep.  The rocking motion is very comforting and the combination of the energy required to rock and the effect of vestibular stimulation can calm children down.

Independent Play

Playground springers allow children to play without their parents constantly supervising them all of the time.  Once a child is able to climb onto a springer all by themselves and rock confidently, they will feel very grown up indeed.  They will attract the attention of other small children and will learn how to share the springer.

All Shapes And Sizes

Playground springers are available in a variety of designs and colours.  We also have springer seesaws and the inclusive Gravity Rider which allows all children to enjoy the benefits of rocking.  


If you would like to find out more about our range of playground springers, please get in touch and we would be happy to give you advice.

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