Young Farmers visit Playdale HQ

Friday, 18th March 2016 12:13 pm

We welcomed a group of local Young Farmers from the Furness Young Farmers Club to Playdale this week, for a behind the scenes tour.

We were approached by the secretary who advised that a group of their members meet weekly to take part in activities and visits. The intention of these is to learn about businesses and activities that are varied from their normal everyday environment of farming.

They wanted to discover more about the origins and creation of Playdale Playgrounds, the day to day running of the business and how we’ve evolved, grown and expanded over the years.

Barry Leahey, Managing Director and Rachel Perrier, Marketing Manager said after the event, “We really enjoyed welcoming the Young Farmers into our business and we hope we gave them a valuable insight into the world of the play industry. They had lots of interesting questions throughout the evening and we hope they enjoyed the whole tour.”

Gemma Wood, secretary of Furness Young Farmers’ Club said, on their departure, “A massive thank you for having us this evening! It’s been a pleasure revisiting after nearly ten years and seeing how far the company has grown and will be growing! Cumbria should be very proud of this home grown, family business!! Thank you Rachel and Barry for organising and arranging our tour!”