PlayClean – automatic hand sanitiser station and playground opening tools

We are excited to bring you PlayClean, UK’s first automatic & Inclusive outdoor hand sanitiser station

Article 31 of the UN Convention clearly states all children have the right to play, and since the closing of playgrounds due to COVID 19 children have lost this. Since lockdown began Playdale have been busy designing and now launching the innovative PlayClean automatic hand sanitiser that will aid children and families to safely return to playgrounds.

The automatic, no-touch design feature makes the PlayClean universally accessible for children and adults of all abilities. The unique design allows families to enter any outdoor or indoor public spaces such as parks, play areas and leisure sites, quickly and thoroughly sanitised. 

The PlayClean unit comes with a safe, low voltage battery to power the automatic spray sensors, which has been engineered to dispense up to 5000 times to sanitise hands, economically and efficiently per refill. The high-volume dispenser will allow up to 30 people per minute into the playground to avoid long queues.

The design comes in various colour options and can be personalised with branding. The introduction of a PlayClean in any park can give families peace of mind that they are maintaining the highest levels of hygiene when entering a public space. View the PlayClean Range here


Free COVID Risk Assessment Templates

According to further guidance from the UK Government on the opening of playgrounds and outdoor gyms; all owners and operators must carry out a risk assessment for the playground or outdoor gym that addresses the risks of COVID-19.
Playdale understands the importance playgrounds contribute to the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development opportunities for children. Therefore, by providing this helpful tool to identify sensible measures to control risk, will reduce any delay in the opening of playgrounds on the 4th July.

Click here for your downloadable  COVID Risk Assessment template

*Please note these templates are only to provide guidance.

Lease Packages

Playdale is offering innovative lease packages starting from as little as £10/day to ensure operators can get their facilities open without compromising safety or themselves to litigation. We also have a leasing package including a service pack available from as little as £15.80/day. The service pack includes sanitiser delivered directly to you every 3 months and a 6 monthly inspection and service.


If you are interested in purchasing or renting the PlayClean unit, please complete the form below and a member of the team will be in contact OR contact us directly at

015395 31561 or email us at

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