Does your playground equipment come with guarantees?

All Laminated Timber Poles are covered by a guarantee of up to 20 years and Sawn Timber is covered by a 15 year guarantee both against structural failure caused by rot or infestation with the exclusion of Termite attack. Guarantees on structural steel stands at 25 years against failure with an estimated life expectancy of 100 plus years.

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What funding options are available to me?

There are a number of funding options available that you can apply for from funding providers, there are crowdfunding websites available where people donate to raise your target amount, and you can do some fundraising of your own. We have a full list of funding providers available in our Funding Guide. Get your free digital copy here.

Is it easy to obtain funding?

Securing funding can be difficult and time consuming but if you plan the project well, have the backing of your community and can show that the playground will add real value then you should be ok.

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Inclusive Play

What does DDA mean?

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 is a legal requirement that applies across the United Kingdom and makes it unlawful for any service provider to discriminate against people with disabilities.

What does ‘inclusive play’ mean?

Play is for everyone and at Playdale we make sure that all children can enjoy our products together and make the most of their magical time at the playground. Inclusive play allows every child to be able to play on our playground equipment regardless of their age or ability and specialist design features have been incorporated into the equipment’s design to allow this to happen without segregating people by abilities.

Do you make playground equipment suitable for disabled children?

Yes, all of our equipment has been designed to incorporate elements of inclusive play, although some have stronger features than others. Inclusive play is very important to us and is something that we focus on throughout our product and playground design process.

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Do you involve other independent bodies in your design process?

Other independent bodies such as ROSPA, NPFA, Local Authorities, or other key customers are frequently consulted during the design of our units.

Can equipment be too safe, limiting fun and challenge for children?

A hot topic with modern playground equipment. As health and safety laws have evolved over the years so too has playground equipment. Safety is the most important factor when we design each piece of playground equipment, however advancements in technology and manufacturing have allowed us to come up with new ways to challenge and excite children in a safe environment. Our playground equipment provides maximum play value for children all over the world.

Why is it important for equipment to be certified?

Certification gives proof of official testing by an authorised independent body. This gives you the confidence of knowing that a product really is safe for children to play on for many years.

Are your products tested and certified?

Our complete range of playground equipment manufactured by Playdale has been independently tested by the British Standards Institution or TUV and carries the prestigious Kitemark as proof of compliance to the European Playground Safety Standard BS EN 1176.

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Steel Equipment

If your product is not painted how do you provide colour?

Our City range is complemented by the clever use of other vandal resistant materials incorporated into the design such as a fabulous range of colourful CGL Panels.

Do your swings have an anti-wrap design?

Our stainless steel swings are provided with anti-wrap bearings as standard and they are self lubricating. Our unique frame design reduces the incidence of chains and seats becoming caught around the swing legs or top pole. The use of swivel joints prevents twisting when seats are thrown through the chain. All of these clever design aspects mean less maintenance for you.

Is stainless steel equipment vandal resistant?

Graffiti is easily removed by any form of readily available graffiti wipes. Because our stainless steel isn’t painted, there is no risk of damaging coating systems by using these wipes. Graffiti wipes are available from Playdale Direct.

Will the steel get hot in bright sunshine?

Stainless steel will get warm but not as warm as some painted steels, particularly darker colours.

Is stainless steel equipment suitable for a rural play area?

Our stainless steel playground equipment is very popular in both rural and urban areas as it blends into any surrounding.

Why stainless steel?

Stainless steel has been chosen for its renowned properties of being a tough and durable material. This means it lasts longer and allows for minimal maintenance for you.

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General Questions

Can we install the equipment ourselves?

If you wish to install the playground equipment yourselves the delivery will arrive with fully exploded diagrams in electronic format and a hard copy of installation instructions, which allows for simple and easy installation. Alternatively you may wish to use our supervision service.

Do you make your equipment yourselves?

Yes, we have two dedicated manufacturing facilities at Haverthwaite and Ulverston in Cumbria where we make the majority of our timber and stainless steel playground equipment.

Do you have any reference sites in my area?

We have installed over 18,000 playgrounds all over the world so there is a good chance that there is one near you. Take a look at our reference map page to see where your nearest Playdale playground is.

We would like to replace some of our playground equipment, how can we tell if it’s yours?

We attach stainless steel or aluminium anodised tags to our equipment which has all of the required information in accordance with EN 1176, the product reference and year of supply is pressed into the surface of each tag. We also brand CGL panels and caps so you are sure to find out if the equipment is ours.

Do you keep products in stock?

Yes some finished items are held in stock. However, the majority of the range is held in stock at component level with the final assembly and kitting done for individual orders working to the agreed lead times at time of placing the order.

How long does the process take from ordering to installation?

Typically from placing an order to the start of the installation, 6 – 8 weeks. Shorter and slightly longer lead times can sometimes apply but this is dependant on the amount and type of equipment and the time of year to some extent.

I want to build a new play area, where do I start?

First of all, speak to the people in your community and get a feel for what is important to everyone about the project. Get a good team together who are passionate and enthusiastic about the project. Speak to the experts – our team have a wealth of experience in creating dream playgrounds for clients. Make the most of the services available and take all of the advice that you can get. Click on the following links for more information about about funding, to request a catalogue, for playground inspiration or to book a free consultancy.

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Inspections & Maintenance

How long do you keep spare parts for?

No Playdale manufactured product part, regardless of age will be made obsolete. Non-stock items will be made to order and any part can be fitted by one of our Maintenance Engineers or supplied on a delivery only basis.

Where do I get spare parts from?

You can get an extensive range of over 800 spare parts from our online spares shop. Contact Playdale Direct for more information or, if you prefer, you can contact us on 015395 39792.

My equipment gets a bit slippy in the rain, how do I prevent this?

Naturally when it rains your playground equipment will become slippy, therefore extra care needs to be taken if children are to play in these conditions. You can help to limit how slippy the equipment gets by regularly checking and cleaning it. This is particularly recommended if your equipment is positioned underneath trees, as an algae residue can form on the equipment making it slippy. Simply wash this off with soap and water and keep on top of it to help reduce the problem. If you would like some more advice please contact our Technical Department.

Do you carry out repairs to existing equipment?

Yes, we carry out repairs on all existing equipment that has been made by Playdale.

Are your inspectors fully qualified?

Yes, our inspectors are fully accredited to the Register of Play Inspectors International and have extensive experience in this field.

What do I get in an annual inspection?

The service includes a full non dismantling inspection to the current safety standards, a full written report with risk assessments on any non complying items and on-site minor repairs conducted free of charge.

Why do I need an annual inspection?

The annual inspection is a very important link between you, the users and the safety of your play area. Although you are not breaking any laws by not undertaking inspections, if there is an accident on the site your position could be considerably weakened. In our experience a regular inspection regime can reduce general maintenance costs considerably.

How often do I need to inspect my play area?

Weekly checks on your play equipment will keep your maintenance costs down and ensure your playground is kept at its best. At a small cost we can offer a training and consultation package where one of our fully qualified RPII inspectors will spend 1-2 hours with you advising on how to conduct regular playground inspections with confidence.

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Timber Equipment

What is Compact Grade Laminate (CGL)?

Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) is used on our coloured panels, play panels & roofs. It is manufactured using multiple layers of resin-impregnated kraft papers bonded together under pressure and heat. This material is extremely tough, vandal resistant, wear resistant, chemical resistant, UV protected, fire resistant and will not rust. Our CGL is covered by a 5 year guarantee.

Does using timber have any implications on the environment?

If anything, timber has positive effects on the environment. It is a natural renewable source and all Playdale timber comes from totally sustainable, managed forests. The use of timber creates a need for forests, which in turn is good for the environment in terms of reducing pollution and benefiting wildlife. All Playdale timber comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited forests.

Is the timber suitable for coastal areas, will it erode?

Timber is a proven product in all environments, even in the harshest of coastal areas.

Can children get splinters from the timber?

During production, all protruding edges are sanded, smoothed and finished with a machined radius to give a smooth and splinter free finish in accordance with BS EN 1176. We use soft timber rather than hard timber, which reduces the risk of splintering.

Is the timber vandal proof?

Playdale timber is flame and fire resistant due to the gauge of the timber poles we use. In fact, only one in ten thousand timber poles are replaced due to fire damage. Careful design by Playdale engineers ensures minimum opportunity for fire damage.

Can the timber rot?

The way Playdale timber is pressure treated ensures that the timber is preserved deep into the wood, hence why we can offer long guarantees up to 20 years!

How is timber treated?

Playdale timber is pressure treated in accordance with EN 351-1 and EN 335-2 using a chromium and arsenic free treatment.

Why is laminated timber best?

Laminated timber vastly reduces the natural effect of fibre separation that causes splits in timber poles giving high strength, highly engineered timber poles. Laminated timber gives better dimensional stability and suffers less from shrinkage and deformation than solid wood sections. The glued joint is even stronger than the timber itself!

What is laminated timber?

Glued laminated timber is manufactured from laminates of sawn timber, planed to a smooth surface before being glued together with the grain in the laminates running parallel.

What type of timber do you use and where does it come from?

All the timber we use on both our high quality laminated timber poles and sawn timber sections is slow grown Northern European Pine coming from managed and sustainable forests.

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