Outdoor Gym Equipment - Training Buddies

Training Buddies

Outdoor Gym Equipment

An Outdoor gym is an innovative way to encourage everyone in your community to exercise. Studies have shown that if outdoor gym equipment is easily accessible people are more likely to make the effort to exercise.

Free Access

This type of gym equipment provides structured exercise in settings such as, near playgrounds, parks or as a circuit around a walkway. An Outdoor gym can be accessed at any time of the day and does not require gym membership.

Your Own Personal Trainer

Training buddies are designed to make training fun, each piece of outdoor gym equipment looks like a fun personal trainer with instructions to allow everyone to exercise confidently.

Encourages Exercise

Training Buddies can be used as a complete set or individually. Spreading outdoor gym equipment around a park encourages people to walk more and increases the opportunities for finding the equipment to exercise on.

Safety First

The Training Buddies range conforms to EN 16630 for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment. Even more importantly Training Buddies make using outdoor gym equipment fun.

A dynamic and innovative range of outdoor gym equipment, ideal for recreational areas, parks and public spaces. Making fun and healthy equipment accessible to all.

Outdoor Gym Equipment - Training Buddies

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