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Playground Zipwire

There is nothing more exciting than discovering a playground zipwire when you visit either a country park or playground in different towns. A playground zipwire allows children to enjoy the exhilaration and excitement of speed in complete safety.

Timber Playground Zipwire

Our timber playground zipwire is made from laminated timber poles and will fit into any playground setting. Children will learn to share and cooperate with each other as they queue up and help each other to zoom along the wire.

Stainless Steel Playground Zipwire

Our stainless steel playground zipwire adds excitement to any playground. Children will benefit from improved balance, coordination and increased upper body strength as well as having fun.

Both of our playground zipwires are available in different lengths and there is a variety of playground surfacing for you to choose from.

. Playground zip wires allow children to enjoy an exhilarating, fast-paced zip wire experience in the safety of their own playground.

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