Playground Slides

Playground Slides

Fast-paced sliding fun

Playground slides are popular because they are fun, make children squeal with joy and give them a sense of speed and danger.

Exciting Slide Designs

There are many types of playground slides to choose from including; free standing, embankment or tube slide.

Embankment Equipment

As well as playground slides we also have embankment equipment including; scramble net, rope ramp and wooden steps. These provide a challenging way to access an embankment slide.

Does Your Embankment Measure Up?

We recommend that measurements of your mound or slope should be taken before a decision is made to install any embankment equipment. The angle of the slope must be 35° and the mound must be properly settled.

Play Value

Playground slides; provide sliding fun, develop climbing skills, make children feel exhilarated with speed and movement, encourages sharing and teamwork.

A variety of fast-paced embankment or freestanding playground slides

Playground Slides

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