Environmental Play

Playground Planters

Respecting The Environment

School playground planters are a wonderful interactive way to encourage children to respect and learn about the world around them. School playground planters are not only aesthetically pleasing they are robust and can survive the enthusiasm of a multitude of trowels.

Watching Plants Grow

Children are able to watch their plants grow because the school playground planters are easily accessible and can often be seen from the classroom window.

Horizontal Or Vertical Planters

Our playground planters are available as either raised beds or vertical planters.

Mini Eco Systems

Bird tables, worm villas and composters are included in the school playground planters range. Children can observe birds and worms in their special habitat. Learning how compost is made is a practical way for children to understand life cycles.

Fits Into Any Playground

Our planters vary in size and can be arranged to fit in any playground space.

School playground planters help children get to grips with nature and learn about sustainable living


Environmental Play