Playground Springers

Playground Springers

A must for all toddler play areas

Playground Springers are usually one of the first pieces of playground equipment children are able to use independently. Playground springers; build up confidence, improve balance, strengthens the body, improves spatial awareness and are great fun to play on.

Vestibular Stimulation

Children control how much the playground springer moves by using body strength to determine how much force is used to move the springer. Rocking and swaying enables vestibular stimulation which helps children understand the relationship between their body and the world around them.

Many Wonderful Designs

Playground springers come in different shapes and colours. Children can enjoy playing either individually, in pairs or as a group of four. Our inclusive, Gravity Rider’, allows all children to enjoy the benefits of rocking.

Playground springers are a must for all toddler play areas, the perfect playground fillers

Playground Springers

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