Commonly located in city parks a MUGA is also valuable addition to the school playgrounds, play areas and anywhere restricted space can compromise access to sport facilities.

A MUGA (Multi Use Games Area), is exactly as its name suggests, a purpose-built area that allows children to play sports such as football and basketball. MUGA have fences around them with surfaces that ensure that children are safe while they play. Children of all ages can play in a MUGA but teenagers especially benefit from having an area where they can meet and play games together.

As with all Playdale playground equipment, we will help you choose a multi-use games area that will suit your needs. One of our area managers will visit your school, park or recreational area to discuss your options. They will take measurements and discuss your preferences.

Our 3D playground designers will produce a 3D image of your MUGA so you can see what it will look like when completed. Once you are satisfied with the design, our playground installers will erect your MUGA so that the children can enjoy playing in a safe area. We have MUGA suitable for junior and secondary age children.


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