Why Playground Springers Can Help Improve Your Senses

Have you ever wondered why we love to rock and sway? It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, rocking and swaying is a sensation that we all enjoy. Babies are soothed when we rock them because they are comforted by motion that is reminiscent of being in their mother’s womb.  Old people enjoy the experience of rocking in a chair, while people with autistic tendencies find comfort in rocking when they feel afraid. Children race to playground equipment that gives them the opportunity to sway and rock. Adults who have revolving office chairs at work gain pleasure from swaying on them. Studies have shown that swaying, rocking and swinging are extremely beneficial to our well-being and crucial to our children’s brain development.

Rocking and swaying is also known in the medical world as, Vestibular Stimulation.  Vestibular Stimulation is when the vestibular in the inner ear is stimulated, enabling children to collect knowledge about the world about them. Vestibular Stimulation is sometimes used as a way to calm fractious children down because the movement helps the brain decide if it wants to learn or process information through sleeping. This explains why a baby either falls asleep or springs into action after being rocked. When children visit playgrounds or play rough and tumble they experience Vestibular Stimulation without realising it.

Playgrounds are fabulous places to experience Vestibular Stimulation because the majority of playground equipment is designed to rock, sway or swing. Very young children particularly benefit from playground equipment that encourages motion and a Toddler Swing with a basket is a swinging activity that can be shared with another child. Young children are always striving for independence and reach a stage where they want to generate motion themselves; this is when a Playground Springer becomes the perfect piece of playground equipment.

Playdale’s Playground Springers come in a wide range of colours and shapes allowing toddlers to bounce about like Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout and improve their brain development at the same time. When toddlers first use a Playdale Springer they only rock it a little bit, but once they are confident that they won’t fall off, they go completely wild and scream with delight.

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