Construction Design Management

CDM…a most important acronym!

The installation of your play area is a crucial element to the success and onward life of it. Playdale Playgrounds is committed to carrying out all aspects of our work safely and complying with all relevant health & safety regulations.

Construction Design Management (CDM) is an important and relevant piece of legislation for a playground installation as it falls under the title of ‘construction’ because the end result is a permanent structure.

Everyone involved has a part to play.

Going Underground!

Buried services…what are they and what’s their importance in a play area project?

  • Buried services (or underground services) are cables and pipes buried underground that may include lines for electricity, gas, water and sewage.
  • They are an extremely dangerous hazard to digging activity during the construction and installation of play areas, whether urban or rural.
  • Any damage to underground services is not only potentially life-threatening but can also cause serious service damage.
  • It is imperative that plans are obtained about ALL buried services in your area before any work to the play area begins.

How do we get these plans?

If you don’t already have plans showing the location of buried services you can get hold of them really easily by using this link
You can then simply access the service plans for your playground area. We can then use these to help us design your perfect (and perfectly safe) play area. Digging will be done safely and you’ve carried out your CDM responsibility. It really is that easy!

We don’t want the play area installers to suffer fatal or severe injuries nor do we want to be the ones to cut off the electricity supply to your village (!)

“As the client, what responsibilities do I have?”

Well, we’ve highlighted a few for you here:

You can read more about CDM and the responsibilities of all involved by visiting the Health & Safety Executive website using this link:

Working together…

…for a fantastic end result! You will soon have wonderful new playground equipment that is built to last and here to stay, made and installed using the very best materials and processes. It will be enjoyed by many children for years to come.

Playdale work with hundreds of customers just like you on a daily basis, dealing with these regulations. We are here to help you with ANY help and guidance you may need.

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