Playdale is the perfect playground equipment partner for architects and housing developers.

At Playdale, we believe that a beautiful and engaging outdoor space is the cornerstone of a happy and vibrant community. Our aim is to help turn any residential area into a thriving hub of activity and connection. We understand that a home is more than just a physical structure, it’s a place where memories are made and relationships are built. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that foster a sense of community spirit and bring people together.

We know that people are the heart of any community, and that’s why we work tirelessly to build outdoor spaces that appeal to residents of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it’s a playground for children, a fitness area for adults, or a serene green space for quiet reflection, we have the expertise and know-how to create an outdoor area that meets the needs of your community.

At Playdale, we believe that investing in outdoor spaces is an investment in the well-being and happiness of residents. When people take pride in their community, they are more likely to stay, build relationships, and contribute to the overall success of the area. So if you’re looking to create an outdoor space that will attract and retain residents while building a strong sense of community, look no further than Playdale.

For architects and housing developers, we offer three options:


  • For under-6s
  • 100 sq/m activity zone within one minute walk from home
  • 5m buffer zone from nearest home
  • 600mm guard rail provided


  • For children playing out independently
  • 400 sq/m activity zone within five minute walk from home
  • Minimum of six play experiences
  • 10m buffer zone from nearest home, 20m from nearest bedroom window
  • Seating and litter bins provided


  • For older children with play opportunities for younger ones
  • 1000 sq/m activity zone within 15 minute walk from home
  • Minimum of nine play experiences
  • 30m buffer zone from nearest property
  • Seating and litter bins provided
  • Signage required indicating child play only and no dogs allowed
  • Contact details of facility operator and nearest public phone provided
  • Parking facilities for bicycles provided

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Case Studies

Superb new stainless steel playground at Summers Park

Overlooking the stunning Dedham Vale, the new Summers Park housing development in Lawford, Essex features impressive tree-lined boulevards, classic garden squares, newly created parkland and…a great new play area! This project was fulfilled by housing developer ‘Rose’ who built approximately 150 new homes and coordinated (amongst other things), the design and installation of the new play area.

A happy haven of fun at Hummersea Play Area!

Coast & Country Housing is the largest registered housing provider in Redcar and Cleveland. They believe that working together with local people to find local solutions is a key factor in building and sustaining communities. Just one of the ways that they have recently demonstrated this was through the creation of the new ‘Hummersea Hills Play Park’ in Loftus, North Yorkshire.

Exciting new playground at the hub of new housing development in Cambridge

The Clay Farm development lies to the east of Trumpington village near Cambridge. The overall development of the site has been carried out by Countryside Properties and includes a park with playground, two schools, community centre, shops and over 2,000 new homes. The challenge for this project was to make use of the new central park and playground area to provide a safe environment for children within the community to play outside their homes. It also had to be exciting and challenging for all ages and abilities.

What our customers say...

"We are very happy with the new play area at Slade Green, Kent and have not experienced any problems at all. The play area is well used and I will be very happy to use Playdale again in the near future."

James Fairney, Chief Surveyor, Redrow Homes

"Danielle has shown commitment, drive and enthusiasm when planning our play areas. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the services of Playdale. The personal but professional nature of the team makes them stand out."

Gareth Miles, Senior Engineer, Barratt/David Wilson Homes