2010 to Present – ’60 million smiles around the world’

2015 – We launched our fantastic new website


2015 – We opened our Global Distribution Centre


2014 – Exciting redesign of our Little Hamlets, Jukebox Selection and Mountain Towers called ‘Plus’.


2014 – We won an award at the Insider’s North West International Trade Awards for our export success.


2014 – We were chosen as one of the businesses to participate in the UK Trade & Investment’s ‘Exporting is GREAT’ national campaign, which featured in The Financial Times and The Spectator.


2013 – We launched Playdale Garden – high-quality climbing frames and swings for the home – www.playdalegarden.co.uk


2012 – We launched Playdale Direct – an online shop for playground equipment and spare parts – www.playdaledirect.co.uk

direct logo


2011 – We introduced the Wellness concept and extensive new Schools & Nurseries range


2010 – We added focused resource to expand in the global market, 20 years after our first adventure in Romania.


2010 – We created a flagship play area, Wallace Park in Lisburn, which was the biggest play area in Europe. We also launched our new schools and nurseries website the same year.


2000’s – ‘Stainless steel and electronic play introduced’

2009 – We launched our new City Adventure Trail, Jungle Climbers and dynamic play equipment.


2008 – New website and new logo. We changed our logo in 2008 to show a step forward and to signify that the company wasn’t just timber-based.


2008:140 Employees

2007 – 2 innovative Walkers Parks were opened by Gary Lineker.


2007 – We launched the world’s first electronic playground equipment with its own website – i.play.


2006: 120 Employees

2005 – Our Playground Inspectors achieve RPII – Register of Play Inspectors International

2003 – We launched our City stainless steel playground equipment


2000: 100 Employees



1990’s – ‘The business expands’

1998 – We became the UK Agent for Agoraspace


1996 – Famous Mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington opens our new factory.



1992: 50 Employees

1991 – Heal the World playground built for an orphanage in Bucharest, Romania, which was opened by Michael Jackson. Our first export adventure!




1978 – 1989 – ‘Playdale Playgrounds Ltd. is born!’

1989 – Jack Croasdale meets the Princess Royal at the opening of the Horse Guard Parade Play Area, Hyde Park.


1981 – The original classic Adventure Trail was designed and launched.


1978 – Playdale Playgrounds was born! The playground at Leven Valley Playing Fields in Haverthwaite was old and needed to be replaced. Jack Croasdale was building the new community centre at the time and asked his son John to get some playground equipment brochures. Once they saw that some of the equipment was constructed from timber logs, they decided to make their own.

In 1978 they built three other playgrounds and in 1983 they finished the old timber business to focus solely on building playground equipment


Old Factory Yard


1978: 4 Employees



1900’s – ‘Timber merchants, coopers & hoopers’

1925 – Hauling timber from the lake at Lakeside.
These trees would be taken to the Haverthwaite Station yard by horse and cart where they would be loaded onto bigger wagons, before being taken to the sawmill. In the 1970’s, wagons were fitted with cranes to load the timber in the wood straight onto the wagon.


1923 – George Croasdale and his brother James are seen in this photograph loading an 8 ton oak ‘butt’ onto a cart using the ‘three legs’ system. This took place in a field called the ‘Shamles’ which was opposite the farm behind Woodcroft House and Pump Cottage – right next to our current offices and factory.


1920 – George Croasdale Jnr outside the Devonshire Arms (now ‘The Pig and Whistle’) in Cartmel in 1920.




Pre-1900’s – The origins of the Croasdale family business’

Late 1880’s – James Croasdale farmed at Woodcroft Farm in Haverthwaite village. The new factory and offices were built in a field that was called Pennycroft, which was a part of Woodcroft farm over 100 years ago.


Nine Generations of Croasdales

Henry 1695 – 1770 Cooper
James 1726 – 1721 Cooper
Henry 1752 – 1807 Hooper
Isaac 1794 – 1844 Hooper
James 1829 – 1906 Woodmonger & Farmer
George 1866 – 1947 Woodmonger
George 1874 – 1971 Timber Merchant
John (Jack) 1929 – 1998 Timber Merchant
John Playground Manufacturer
Gill Playground Manufacturer


1834 – Isaac Croasdale built many of the old work buildings at Bridge End in the Leven Valley. He sold provisions and had a licence to sell wines, spirits and tobacco, and he owned a boat for transporting cotton. His old swivel chair from his boat is still kept at Playdale’s offices.


1735 – The Croasdale family began working in the forestry and allied timber trades when Henry Croasdale re-shafted a spade and re-runged a ladder for Finsthwaite Parochial Church Council.



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