Versatile Embankment Slide – Stainless Steel Tube Slide

AGE RANGE: 2 - 12 dependent on frame height and slide length*

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Our Versatile Embankment Slide (Stainless Steel Tube Slide) will fit gradients and heights of most existing banks or mounds. Further information including instructions on how to measure your embankment slide are available in our downloads section on this page.

*Age range 2-12 dependent on frame height and slide length. If the height and gradient of the embankment mean that steps up to a platform tower are required or the slide height is above 1.5m, the age range is 5-12.


  • Our Versatile Embankment Slide will fit gradients and heights of most existing banks or mounds!
  • You can’t beat the thrill of whizzing down a slide followed by the fantastic feeling when you land at the bottom!
  • Slides make children squeal with joy and gives them a sense of speed and danger.
  • Slides are a playground favourite for children of all ages.

Play Value

  • Durable stainless steel frame
  • Ages 2-12 years*
  • Almost any embankment
  • Up to 25 year guarantee
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Vandal & fire resistant
  • Easy installation


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