What Quality Means To Playdale

When we talk about “quality”, we don’t just see a single aspect. Quality really is a guiding principle of everything Playdale takes part in. Playdale has over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and installation of everything from traditional climbing frames to modern sensory playground areas. Providing quality products is at the core of our value.

Quality Materials

World Class Manufacturing

All Playdale manufactured play equipment has been independently tested and certified as proof of compliance with the European Playground Safety Standard EN 1176 and 1177. The high quality of all our materials is continually monitored through our ISO 9001-certified Quality Assurance Procedures to ensure specifications are met and are of consistent quality.

Product Design & Safety
All our play equipment products go through an intense and comprehensive development process before being released into the market. All play equipment design issues such as play value, ergonomics’, general safety, compliance with European safety standards, appearance, strength, durability, fire resistance, vandal resistance, UV stability, colours, graphics, and cost are addressed. All detailed play equipment design work is carried out by our experienced in-house designers using the latest 3D CAD software. Full-scale play equipment prototypes are manufactured in-house and then installed on our playground product test area. These full scale play equipment prototypes undergo stringent in-house tests including the use by children of suitable ages to ensure the units give the correct play value and the ergonomics work.
Following further modifications all new play equipment units are independently tested to ensure full compliance with the European Safety Standards for outdoor Playground Equipment, BS EN1176. As a result of passing these tests all units are certified. Other independent bodies such as ROSPA, NPFA, Local Authorities, or other key customers are frequently consulted during the design of our units. Playdale are committed in ensuring that we stay at the forefront in playground equipment design whether it be through the continual improvement of existing play area products or the continuous and frequent addition of new exciting units to our timber and steel play equipment ranges.
Did you know - where most companies use square poles, Playdale makes use of rounded timber poles to improve the durability of the product and reduce the risk of finger entrapments from splits in the timber.
The laminated timber vastly reduces the natural effect of fiber separation which could cause splits in the poles, therefore, giving high-strength, highly engineered timber poles.
All the high-quality, round timber poles on Playdale equipment are produced from extremely slow-grown pine from totally sustainable, managed forests. These forests are also FSC or PEFC accredited. The laminated timber vastly reduces the natural effect of fiber separation which could cause splits in the poles, therefore, giving high-strength, highly engineered timber poles. Covered by a 20-year guarantee against structural failure due to rot or infestation when above ground level.
Playdale structural Stainless Steel is made from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel. This is the most adaptable and widely used steel in the world
All structural metal used on Playdale equipment is made from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel This is the most adaptable and widely used steel in the world, and it exceeds the standards for structural playground equipment durability and safety. Covered by a 25-year guarantee against failure.
Did you know - Playdale fabricates all of our steel components in-house, right through to welding, bending, shot blasting, and painting! It makes our stainless-steel ranges extremely competitive, durable, and highly engineered.
Did you know? If for any reason your timbers need replacing, the work can be carried out without digging a hole, breaking out the concrete, re-concreting, and having to repair your safety surfacing.
Made from heavy duty, corrosion resistant, galvanised steel. Covered by a 20-year guarantee against structural failure.
This is a high-strength, highly durable system for installing playground equipment. Galvanised steel brackets are secured to the timber poles lifting them clear of the surface. The steel brackets are then concreted into holes in the ground. Covered by a 20-year guarantee against structural failure.
HPL – High-Pressure Laminate
Our compact grade laminate also known as HPL (High-Pressure Laminate composite panels are 13mm thick, consisting of layers of natural fibres impregnated with thermosetting resins and surface layer(s) on one or both sides. his material is extremely tough, vandal-resistant, wear-resistant, chemical-resistant, UV-protected, fire-resistant, and will not rust Covered by a 5-10 years guarantee.
Did you know, Playdale uses HPL as it is far more durable than its counterpart HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)?In comparison to HPL, HDPE is far more vulnerable to fire damage, sustained burns, and rapid colour fading
Did you know - Playdale's Climbing ropes allow for the simple replacement of individual sections rather than replacing the piece of equipment
Our steel core ropes are vandal resistant and highly durable and our nets are assembled by hand making them perfect for every piece of equipment.
Manufactured from vandal resistant steel cored rope. End terminals are hydraulically pressed steel or aluminium ferrules with stainless steel (A2) bolts. Net joints and rope ladder rungs are from heavy duty custom moulded coloured plastic components. Hydraulically pressed aluminium net joints are used in high strength applications. Covered by a 2-year guarantee.
Our chains are made of high grade (316L) stainless steel chain manufactured in accordance with ISO 1834
The chain is calibrated to give an internal width of less than 8.6mm to comply with the requirements of EN 1176. Playdale Standard Junior and Cradle swing bearings consist of a high wearing, self-lubricating oilite bronze bushes and stainless steel machined shackle pin. Team swing bearings consist of self-lubricating polymer bushes with stainless steel machined shackle pins. Anti-wrap swing bearings consist of custom design self-lubricating Acetal bushes with outer stainless steel strap. Other bearings are high quality sealed bearings.
Did you know - Anti-wrap bearings reduce the frequency of chains and seats becoming caught around the swing legs or top pole causing damage to the chains.