Beacon Hill Play Area, Waverley Borough Council

Monday, 29th July 2013 12:00 am

This playground project was originally planned for a nearby site at Tilford Road, however, councillors and residents would not accept the position of the play area and didn’t want it to be near to a busy road. It was then decided to use the same budget to extend Beacon Hill Play Area and add some fantastic new equipment.

The challenge was to add a different element to the play area and improve on the dull equipment that was already installed. We designed the play area to be more user-friendly, and the equipment is better suited for younger children to enjoy and provide DDA accessible equipment.

The play area now features a Little Hamlet, Team Swing, Playframe, Log Train and Wobble Board; providing a challenging, exciting, and active environment for younger children to develop their skills.

The new play area has been very welcomed by both councillors and residents in the area.