Oh I do like to get fit by the seaside!

Bournemouth Borough Council had expressed an interest in our Training Buddies range when speaking to our area manager for the South West, David Whiteside.

This was in relation to the seafront area which was undergoing major redevelopment in the form of the creation of Bournemouth’s Coastal Activity Park which offers activities on sand, land and sea.

The activity park stretches over 1km either side of Boscombe Pier, and has everything from sports courts and water sports to spa treatments and cocktails! The majority of activities are free including the fantastic new ‘Gym Trail’ featuring Playdale’s Training Buddies full range of outdoor fitness equipment. Playdale Training Buddies comply with the British Standards Institute’s new safety standard BSEN 16630 – published April 2015.

The council were keen to include some outdoor fitness equipment. This type of equipment is becoming increasingly popular as it makes getting fit accessible and effective for everyone.


The Squat Coastal Activity Park © 2015

The council’s Project Officer and their Sports Development Officer decided to purchase two of each design of Training Buddy so that the trail would be fully accessible and available for as many users as possible on this busy stretch of Bournemouth’s coastline.

The Gym Trail is spread out over the entire length of the Coastal Activity Park and is made up of six separate stations consisting of sixteen individual units of outdoor fitness equipment in total (two of each design). Created to give you a full body work out, the six stations consist of two, three or four Training Buddies which are grouped so that they work on specific muscle groups.

Instruction panels are on each of the Training Buddies for clear guides on how to use them and how to achieve the best results from them.

The main image above features the ‘Squat’ and the ‘Sit Up’. Click here to view images and find out more about the entire range which includes; the Sit-Up, the Pull-Up, the Press-Up, the Horizontal Pull-Up, the Squat, the Lunge, the Shoulder Press and the Tricep Dip.

This equipment works well as a trail / circuit as well as individual pieces in isolation. Over a hundred different exercises can be performed on them and they work all the major muscle groups. Training Buddies are manufactured from safe, environmentally friendly materials and are available in a wide range of colours to complement their surroundings. Perfect for installation in a wide range of situations including parks, playing fields, sports grounds, health clubs, leisure centres, holiday parks, workplaces and universities, Training Buddies have a unique and eye catching design.


The Tricep Dip  Coastal Activity Park © 2015

If you would like any free help or advice with your outdoor fitness area project don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a free, no obligation appointment with your local area manager.


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