Playful Parish: Playground Upgrade Delights Community

Customer: Oughterside & Allerby Parish Council, Cumbria

The Oughterside and Prospect Playground at Pond Green had been in need of an upgrade for quite some time. Therefore, after a successful fundraising effort by the Parish Council and local parents, the playground finally got the much-needed upgrade it deserved.

The playground was used by children from both villages, and it was in a state of disrepair. The outdated equipment was no longer safe for children to use. The Parish Council decided to take action and formed a committee to raise funds for the upgrade.


The committee organised events in the village hall, raising over £4,000. Additionally, numerous organisations, including The National Lottery Community Fund, CFM Radio Cash for Kids, and Cumbria Foundation (Joyce Wilkinson Trust) made significant donations, with over £47,000 raised in total.

Playground Equipment

There is a variety of play equipment at the site for all ages including a Basketgoal Handball that will allow the community to play a variety of sports. A Rape Lite from Jukebox Lite range of multi-play tower units, a Rota Bounce, an inclusive Timber Team Swing and a Play Tractor. A special memorial plaque in honour of a local man who spent many happy hours playing at the local playground has been affixed to the Play Tractor.

The local primary school children join members of the Parish Council and the public to open the new playground and test the equipment.

It has been a wonderful process for our children to be part of. To see the plans become reality was quite spectacular, and the children were wowed by the new equipment available to them in their village. Oughterside Foundation School

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the community, they now have this fantastic new play area that they can all take pride in and that will make smiles for all generations.

If you are considering upgrading your play area and would like to arrange a free, no obligation consultancy meeting and site survey with your local Area Manager, click here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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