Reaping the rewards of the upgrade at Ravenhill Play Area

‘Brereton Million’ is an exciting opportunity for residents in Brereton, Staffordshire to use at least £1,000,000 to make a big, long-lasting positive difference to the local community. This project is organised and run by nine residents who volunteer to make sure the money is spent to benefit the places which have been voted for by residents.

The nine-strong team of Brereton Million volunteers have worked tirelessly over the last few years, engaging with all the necessary organisations that are associated with the design and planning of a new playground, hoping to get the green light to proceed with this exciting project. It wasn’t an easy journey, but they persevered and it paid off when they received the go-ahead earlier this year.

The playground upgrade was much needed as Ravenhill Park is an important social hub and facility for families living in the area. One important aspect of the design was that there must be plenty of inclusive play equipment for children of ALL abilities.

Our Area Manager had kept close contact with Brereton Million over the years as the project evolved and we revised our plans, quotations and 3D visuals according to the requirements of all parties involved. We were over the moon when our design was chosen and the order placed.

Our installation teams did a great job with all the equipment and surfacing installed and ready on time for Brereton Million’s grand opening event. The following pictures were taken during the installation phase:

The image below shows a just-finished play area with the Play Galleon Plus standing proudly in the centre of this seaside-themed site. Also seen below are the Inclusive Orbit roundabout, a timber Two-Bay Swing with seats for a wide age range, a Whale Springer,  a Rota Bounce and a Cone Climber. Bespoke timber palm trees and themed, colourful wet pour safety surfacing really add to the nautical/beach feel. The idea behind the theme is down to the fact that there is a hugely popular paddling pool at the play area site.

Further equipment included in the design as seen in the below image is a timber inclusive Team Swing and an Aerial Runway (or Zip Wire).

The big, central focus of the play area is the inclusive Apace Plus junior multi-play unit. It has an inclusive access ramp, intricate climbing nets, two exciting slides and much more!

Following the installation, the reaction and feedback were great. Sue Merriman the Support Worker of the amazing Brereton Million team of volunteers told us, “It has been a pleasure working with Playdale, they really understood the vision of our theme and understood the children’s needs through  the primary schools’ consultation.”

We were delighted and excited to be able to help this dedicated, hard-working team of volunteers (pictured above) inject new life, excitement, colour and challenge into Ravenhill play area that the whole community can now enjoy and feel part of.

We are here to offer a helping hand with YOUR playground project. Just click here to contact us today and start the ball rolling! We look forward to hearing from you.

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