Rural parish delighted with fabulous new play area!!

Client: Catterall Parish Council

Location: Catterall Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field, Catterall, Lancashire

Catterall is a civil parish in Lancashire, located within the Borough of Wyre. Catterall Parish Council is delighted with their new playground at the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field, that will provide an exciting place for the community’s children to play for many years to come.

The parish council were looking to create a play area for both toddlers and juniors that would be challenging and provide a number of activities where children could let off some steam and have fun. The previous children’s play area was provided by the District Council over fifteen years ago and was looking a little outdated, had a small selection of equipment & lacked imagination.

The Parish Council has a professionally designed overall plan for the QEII field, phase one being replacing the play area with the intention of creating an exciting & stimulating community area for all types of users.

The previous play area at Catterall Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field

The previous play area at Catterall Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field

Our Regional Manager for the North Paul Battye met with Parish Councillor Jan Finch who led the project on behalf of the council along with Parish Council clerk Gillian Benson, to discuss their plans and take a survey of the site. Our drawing office then created a proposed design and detailed quotation – all free of charge. Playdale were delighted to be the successful, chosen company. Catterall Parish Councillors felt that our layout & design offered an excellent choice and variety of equipment for all ages, and incorporated all the council’s requirements within the budget set.

Cleared play area site, ready to start the installation of the new equipment

Cleared play area site, ready to start the installation of the new equipment

Installation begins!

Installation begins!

The project was funded by a grant of £30,000 from the Lancashire Environmental Fund together with money secured by Wyre Council from developers at the nearby Gryersdale Estate and a small amount from the Parish Council themselves.

In our design, we provided a range of equipment for all age groups in separate toddler and junior areas, with play value including swinging, bouncing, climbing, balancing, agility and coordination. We included plenty of seating to allow parents and carers to easily keep an eye on children in both age groups playing safely near to each other.

Work began on installing towards the end of winter time and, despite some very wet weather, we managed to finish the project in time for children to enjoy the new facility during the Easter holidays.

Tottlebank Plus toddler multi play unit

Tottlebank Plus toddler multi play unit

There is a variety of play equipment at the site for all ages including, a Tottlebank Plus with roof and a stainless steel slide from our Little Hamlets range of multi play tower units, Timber Cradle Swings, a Play Train, inclusive Loudspeakers, an inclusive Gravity Rider, an inclusive Gravity Bowl, a Jukebox Be Bop Plus from our Jukebox Plus range of Junior multi-play tower units and a Timber 2 Bay Team Swing along with Rusland Benches for seating areas. There is something for everyone…and plenty of it!

The entire area has a Wet Pour safety surface which is a continuous rubber surface that gives a high quality, hard wearing, slip-resistant surface requiring little or no maintenance.

Wet pour safety surfacing being laid

Wet Pour safety surfacing being laid

Timber 2 Bay Team Swing with Flat Seat and Cradle Seat

Timber 2 Bay Team Swing with Flat Seat and Cradle Seat

Ben Wallace MP for Wyre & Preston North officially opened the new ‘Toddler and Young Children’s Play Area’ on Catterall Playing Field with assistance from Catterall Gala Queen Olivia Horner.

Jan Finch, Parish Councillor at Catterall Parish Council is delighted with the new playground and told us, “This new play area is a fantastic asset for the village of Catterall and it’s great to see it being so well used and enjoyed by local children”.

Playdale’s Regional Manager for the North Paul Battye said, “Jan and Gillian from the Parish Council have been an absolute pleasure to work with on this play area project.”

If you are considering upgrading your play area and would like to arrange a free, no obligation consultancy meeting and site survey with your local Area Manager, click here. We look forward to hearing from you.


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