Wingham’s wonderful new play area has the WOW factor!

Wingham Parish Council is delighted to have a fantastic, brand new play area at Wingham Recreation Ground in the picturesque village of Wingham, Kent.

Their previous children’s play area had been there for over twenty- five years and was looking outdated, had minimal equipment & lacked imagination. Consequently, it received very few visitors. The time had come for a new one! The Parish Council wanted to replace the play area with the intention of creating an exciting & stimulating community area for all types of users.

Playdale was invited to tender for the project and we were delighted to be the successful, chosen company. Wingham PC Councillors narrowed the final choice down to three playground providers, but preferred Playdale’s layout and design, which they felt offered an excellent choice and variety of equipment for all ages, and incorporated all the council’s requirements within the budget set.  Playdale worked closely with the Parish Council and members of the community, to create the perfect play area. The project was funded through the Wingham village precept and was the culmination of a great deal of work by Wingham Parish Council, volunteers, local groups and businesses who helped to make it happen.

In our design, we provided a range of equipment for all age groups in separate toddler and junior areas, with play value including swinging, bouncing, climbing, balancing, agility and coordination. We included a seating area in between these areas to distinguish between them, and to allow parents and carers to easily keep an eye on children in both age groups playing safely near to each other.

2D design of the play area from Playdale's playground design team

Before…  2D design of the play area from Playdale’s playground design team


Drone image of new play area

And after…  Drone image of the finished product new play area!

There is a variety of inclusive play equipment in the design, to allow all abilities to play together, namely the Inclusive Orbit, Team Swing, Loudspeakers, Gravity Rider and units that can be used at ground level. The entire selection of equipment that has been chosen gives a fantastic mix of exciting products, alongside more contemporary equipment. The overriding theme to the new play area is excitement and fun, where children will be taken in by the variety of superb equipment that is on offer. From a Giggleswick Plus unit, a Twist Plus unit and an Aerial Runway to items from our Adventure Trail range and Movers range there is something for everyone…and plenty of it!

Kerry Coltham, Clerk of Wingham Parish Council is delighted with the playground and told us, “Our newly refurbished site offers such a lot of choice and fun for children aged 2-14 and has already proved successful, being used on a daily basis. I love the mixture of timber and stainless steel equipment, the quality is good and we now have such a good range of items to cater for all needs and abilities.”

Hard work from Wingham Parish Council & community has resulted in a community play area that they can be proud of and children will enjoy for many years to come.

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