Everyone can enjoy the magic with inclusive playground design

Thursday, 24th March 2016 4:45 pm

Inclusive playground designs for children of all ages and abilities is vital for; physical, social, emotional and imaginative development.  The Centre for Universal Design at North Carolina State University have identified seven main principles of inclusive playground design; be fair, be smart, be independent, be safe, be active and be comfortable.

Popular playgrounds

The Bridge School - KS1 and KS2 (16)







Every playground has different combinations of equipment and themes making them unique to the area in which they are located.  Playgrounds that successfully manage to seamlessly incorporate the seven principles of inclusive playground design prove to be very popular with parents. Playgrounds that allow children of all abilities to enjoy the sensation of swinging, sliding, climbing and most importantly interacting with others, are worth their weight in gold and will be visited by many families as word gets around.

Team swing


The beauty about inclusive playground design is how children use the equipment according to their abilities.  A great example of this is the Team Swing, which can either be used by a group of children determined to swing as fast and as high as they can. Alternatively it can be enjoyed  as a safe nest for less able bodied children to lie in and enjoy being swung by their carer.

Embankment wide slide


Sometimes the only reason children are reluctant to go on slides is because they don’t want to go on alone.  Traditional slides are often too narrow for two people to go down comfortably at the same time.  The Embankment Wide Slide has been designed to specifically overcome this problem so that cautious or less able bodied children can be accompanied by friends and family while they enjoy the experience of whizzing down a slide.

Inclusive orbit


Children strive for independence and it is perfectly natural for them to want to be able to do activities all by themselves.  The Inclusive Orbit is a roundabout that has a unique rotating mechanism that allows for fantastic spinning.  Children can get onto the roundabout very easily because it is flush to the surrounding surface (inclusive access) and has seating, a handrail and space for a wheelchair.  All children are equal and can work as a team to make the roundabout go as fast as they can.  

Inclusive playground design

Inclusive playground design cleverly caters for everyone as if by magic.  As well as inclusive playground equipment, discussions with your area manager at the design stage will help you to optimise your playground so that it is accessible to all and is a magical place for everyone who plays there.

If you would like to find out more about inclusive playground design please contact us here and we would be very happy to discuss your options.