Hitting the right notes with musical playground equipment

Creativity can often look and sound a little bit like chaos to the observer but to the creator they are painting the most beautiful picture or composing the most bewitching piece of music you will ever hear.  Music lessons are renowned for being a conflict between achieving learning objectives and keeping a sensible sound level – some children find it challenging to be creative and quiet at the same time.  Children are masters at making noises and instruments from everyday objects and, as long as we don’t criticise their singing voices, they will sing to their heart’s content.

Creativity encourages well being

Everyone needs to be able to be creative because it is extremely good for our health.  Researchers, Ebersole & Hess, (1998) identified the following benefits of creative expression:-

  • Create balance and order
  • Give a sense of control over the external world
  • Make something positive out of a loss, bad experience or depression
  • Maintain your sense of integrity
  • Help resolve conflicts
  • Make thought and feeling clear
  • A greater sense of well-being and personal growth

Adults and children who don’t get the opportunity to be creative can lead very restricted lives.

Creativity is enjoyable

Creativity is not just about producing stunning works of art or symphonies that will bring tears to your eyes.  If that was the case no one would attempt to release the creative element within them.  Business creativity consultant Dr. Lynne Levesque concludes in her research that the reason why we choose certain creative activities is simply because,‘we enjoy them’.  

Creativity at playtime

Children don’t often get times in the school day where they can be creative without an adult intervening in some way.  If you ask a child what they did at playtime you would be astounded to discover the amount of creativity that goes on.  Activities include; acting out computer game adventures, role play, inventing games, sand pit sculptures, dancing and singing.  Children approach playground equipment with confidence and flare, so imagine how creative playtime could be with musical playground equipment.

Musical playground equipment


Musical playground equipment has similarities to the percussion instruments in the cupboard but is much more accessible for children, who can make sweet music all playtime long.  Children tend to meander around the playground joining in games or playing with different playground equipment depending on how they feel.  Imagine how wonderful it would be if a child came across; Drums, Xylo-Chimes, Cow Bells, Washboard Chimes or Boom Tubes.  Experimenting with the hubbub of playtime in the background would allow creativity to flow without having to worry about how loud the music was.

Teachers can use musical playground equipment during music lessons outside where they can be played with homemade instruments to recreate the sounds of nature.
If you would like to find out more information about musical playground equipment please contact us and we would be happy to advise you.

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