3 Reasons to Install Play Panels in Your Playground

We have released a brand new range of School Play Panels that come with an exciting twist.

The unique modular system allows you to combine the panels and transform them into a fantastic fire engine or a colourful camper van. Perfect for role-play; children will love taking control of the spinning steering wheel and taking their friends on an amazing adventure.

Play Panels with a Difference

The innovative range has been designed with teachers to run alongside the school curriculum and aid child development.

The range consists of ten exciting panels that are crammed with fun activities for children to enjoy, from magnetic games to drawing windows and outdoor science lessons; children’s break times will never be the same again.

Available in a choice of red or yellow, each Play Panel can also be purchased separately as free-standing or wall mounted units.

3 Reasons to Install Play Panels in Your Playground

We all know how important playgrounds are for children. They provide opportunities for children to play, learn, and socialise. But what if we told you that you could enhance the playground experience even further, by adding small, inclusive elements of play? You can offer children a range of exciting benefits by installing play panels. So, let’s dive into the top three reasons why you should install them in your playground!

Mirror Play Panel

1. Encourage Imagination and Creativity

Play panels come in a variety of designs and games that encourage imaginative and creative play. When children engage in imaginative play, they are developing important social and emotional skills, such as communication, empathy, and problem-solving. For example, a play panel designed to look like a pirate ship can inspire children to create imaginary adventures on the high seas, while a play panel designed as a shop counter can encourage role-playing and develop communication skills. The possibilities are endless.

Space Saving Options for Play Panels

2. Increase Play Value

Play panels are an excellent way to increase the capacity of your playground without taking up too much space. They can be easily installed onto existing walls or fences, providing additional activities for children to enjoy. They are also a great way to create a designated play area within a larger space, allowing children to play safely and comfortably without interfering with other activities or structures. For instance, a sensory panel can be added to a quiet corner of the playground, to offer a place for children to explore different textures and sounds.

Musical Play Panel

3. Low Maintenance

Play panels are a low-maintenance option for playground equipment. They are easy to clean and don’t require regular maintenance, making them a practical choice for busy playground operators. They are also durable and resistant to weather and wear, making them a long-lasting investment. Additionally, they are designed to be vandal-resistant, which is a common problem in public spaces.

Playdale Play Panels

At Playdale Playgrounds, we offer a wide range of play panels, including sensory, musical, and activity panels. We also offer bespoke options, which can be designed to suit the specific needs of your playground. Our play panels are made from CGL (compact-grade laminate.) This material is extremely tough, vandal-resistant, wear-resistant, chemical-resistant, UV-protected, fire-resistant, and will not rust making it a cost-effective and practical option for all types of playground installations.

In conclusion, play panels are an excellent addition to any playground. By incorporating them into your playground, you can offer children a fun and engaging play experience that promotes learning, development, and social interaction. they increase play area capacity, require low maintenance, and encourage imagination and creativity in children. if you would like to see our full range of play panels and much more request a copy of our latest catalogue today. 

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