Is Your Playground Safe and Ready for Spring?

It’s vital that your playground equipment is safe, well maintained and ready for the influx of excited children that will descend on your play area in spring and summer. This will be the busiest time of the year which will bring hundreds of children to your play area, so it’s important that you make sure all the checks and safety precautions are in place. You can sit back and relax, confident in the knowledge that your playground is safe for children to enjoy all summer long!

Here are some tips to get your playground ready for the warmer months ahead:

Plan ahead

Don’t leave it too late, start preparing early so that your playground equipment is safe and ready at the first sign of sunshine.

Inspect your playground

A playground inspection forms a very important link between you, the user and the safety of your play area. A regular inspection can also reduce maintenance costs in the long run. Make sure that your inspection is carried out by a qualified RPII Inspector to ensure that your play equipment meets the current safety standards BS EN1176.

Regular checks

Carry out your own weekly checks on your play equipment throughout spring and summer to make sure your equipment remains safe and to keep maintenance costs down.

Training and Consultation Packages

Playdale offer a training and consultation package with an RPII Inspector to give you tips and advice on how to conduct inspections. They will then spend 1 – 2 hours showing you exactly what you need to do, so if you’re not too sure how to look after your play area then this is perfect to give you some helpful advice.

To book your Annual Inspection today visit Playdale Direct and you will receive a 10% discount if you book online.

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