Playground Equipment That Will Give You Nightmares

Playground equipment is meticulously designed to be bright, cheerful and provide exciting play opportunities. Most playgrounds are welcoming and provide a warm friendly environment that children look forward to playing in. However there are playgrounds around the world with ugly, frightening and really scary pieces of playground equipment. If we take into consideration the fact that playgrounds encourage imaginative play then it doesn’t bear thinking about the games that could be inspired by the following pieces of playground equipment.

See You In A While Crocodile

Playground Equipment
This rather realistic looking crocodile is skewered on bamboo and is obviously extremely unpopular because there are lots of knives in his back. This piece of playground equipment would terrify children and would give sufficient reason for parents to take their children elsewhere.

Puff The Scary Dragon

Children’s stories involving dragons usually involve frolicking in the autumn mist and having lots of adventures. This creepy looking dragon looks as if he has been grounded and is in a spot of bother. His angry demeanor is intensified by the tentacles with eyes protruding from his back.

Child Versus Predator

Most adults have watched Predator with fear, even Arnold Schwarzenegger was scared of the mysterious entity lurking in the forest. This little girl seems to be participating in friendly telepathic banter with this playground alien and is showing no fear at all.

Monkey Puzzle

The monkey faces incorporated into this ancient playground equipment makes it seem eerie and is probably quite frightening at dusk. Chances are that the monkeys are there merely to encourage children to use the equipment, but time has probably changed the monkeys from cheeky to chilling.

Parents’ Nightmare

Although there is hardly any playground equipment in this isolated playground the mud and sand pit actually makes it exciting and fun. Children wouldn’t find this place space boring but parents will be having nightmares about the amount of washing it probably generates.

Scary Vegetables

This piece of playground equipment was probably designed to help children find vegetables fun and exciting. Sadly the passage of time has succeeded in making this huge pumpkin look like it is of the man eating variety. We are not sure if children would like to eat vegetables after seeing this monstrosity.

Haunted Swing

Recently a video of a swing swaying furiously all by itself in an Argentinian playground went viral. The person who filmed it ascertained that it must be haunted because it wasn’t windy and there was no one in playground.

If you are haunted by your badly equipped playground and would like to transform it into a place of dreams rather than nightmares contact us and we would be delighted to discuss design options. Happy Hallowe’en!

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