Playground Slides Are For Thrill Seekers

Monday, 27th June 2016 3:57 pm

Playground slides have enticed children to take risks for decades. Often the slide is the first piece of equipment children rush to on entering a playground.  In the past, playground slides were constructed in such a way that they were risky to use.  Innovative slide design and safety standards mean that modern slides are thrilling and are no longer dangerous.  

Why are Playground Slides So Thrilling?  

Playground slides are thrilling because they allow children to experience the sensation of falling in absolute safety. Some slides are more scary than others, due to the gradient and the speed it takes to slide from the top to the bottom. Children thoroughly enjoy the experience of repeatedly climbing to the top of the slide and whizzing to the bottom. Playground slides bring out a rebellious streak in children as they can often use different routes to reach the top of the slide.

The Physics Behind Slides

When children slide down a slide they are pulled down by the force of gravity.  Inertia and friction ensure that the child is able to start sliding down the slide and stop at the bottom.  At the top of the slide children have potential energy which converts into kinetic energy as soon as they start sliding.

Physical Benefits Of Slides

Slides encourage children to move around a lot, mainly due to having to keep climbing to the top of the slide in order to whizz down it.  If a child wants to go on the slide numerous times they will have to repeatedly climb up to the top of the slide.  This type of activity will strengthen their upper body, improve spatial awareness and promote vestibular stimulation, which improves balance and coordination.

Social Benefits Of Slides

Slides are often surrounded by children and can often cause heated discussions about whose turn it is next.  Children have to learn diplomacy in order to prevent a full scale battle so that they can have a turn.  Once they have organised themselves children will get used to taking turns and any disputes will be resolved.  Children will quickly find that if they don’t cooperate they will miss out on playing on the slide.

Different Slide Designs

These days there are so many different types of playground slides to choose from.  Slides come in the traditional freestanding slide design, tube slides, embankment slides and a variety of different ways to climb to the top of the slide. Playgrounds can become extremely popular due to the type of slide they have.  Tube slides are reminiscent of water parks, while embankment slides can be made more exciting by using interesting and challenging ways to get to the top.  

If you would like to discuss how any of our playground slides could fit into your play area, please contact us here and we will be thrilled to advise you.